Welcome to the School Library Book Boom website!

Established in 2016, the School Library Book Boom team focuses on excellence in primary school libraries and is here to help your setting build it’s own book boom.

As current school librarians, we know just how challenging it can be to design, establish and maintain an effective primary school library. With so many readers to cater for, from 4-11 years old, it is no wonder that many school libraries are not utilised.

However, making your library the hub of the school can be easier than you think. Generating a love of reading occurs by building a book boom.

A book boom begins with nothing more complicated than conversation: talking about books, and sharing books together, effectively putting books back on the agenda! In all of our experience, raising the profile of your school library and books in general will start a boom in the number of children attending library events, visiting the school library and becoming confident readers.

In short, a book boom is a rise in readers by generating interest and conversations about books throughout the school, whilst placing the library at the hub of this boom.

Throughout this website we will provide a variety of ideas and tips to help you start to build a book boom in your own setting. These include:

  • Collaborative Working
  • Essential Resources
  • Activities